Kevin Hull

Journalist. Educator. Researcher.

University of Florida

In 2012, I joined the University of Florida as a Ph.D. student in the College of Journalism and Communications.  As part of my assigned duties, I acted as both a sole instructor and as a teaching assistant instructing juniors and seniors as they prepared for careers beyond the college.  Below are examples of work created by students while taking my classes.

RTV3305: Investigative Reporting (Spring 2014)
Students had to develop an investigative story in a newsroom-style pitch meeting.  They then had to create the entire piece on their own, including setting up interviews, filming, and editing, all while integrating some of the investigative techniques they had learned throughout the semester.

Below is an investigative piece completed by student Tori Petry.

Below is an investigative piece completed by student Lauren Verno.

RTV3320: Advanced Video Production (Fall 2012-Fall 2013)
Narrative Film: Students wrote their own script, followed by filming and editing the entire project.  Below is an example from Summer 2013 by student Taylor Bates.

Documentary: Students were to create a 5-10 minute documentary.  Below is an example from Fall 2012 from student Josh Lane.

Political Ad: The students had to set up three point lighting, place the boom microphone, and interview one of their fellow classmates.  In post-production, the students were to piece together the sound bites, add video effects and edit together the final piece logically.  Below is an example from Summer 2014 from student Darren Cohn.